New International Forest Therapy Guide Diploma

&  Shinrin Yoku Practitioner Training Course

The courses provided by Nature & Therapy UK give you the  opportunity to improve your understanding and relationship with nature, develop your leadership skills,  enhance your innate abilities to attune to nature, and gain an internationally accredited CPD qualification.

Learn how to think like a forest… 
Forest Bathing student by River Dart


Dear Friends,

We have just consolidated 3 years of student feedback and made some exciting changes to our course structure for 2020, which we hope will offer a greater degree of support to our Professional Shinrin Yoku Walk Leaders, and in response to that feedback we have now extended both the Basic and Advanced courses to 3 days each, and have revised the syllabus of our course to set the bench mark for training excellence in this new emerging field.

We stand at this critical turning point in our planet’s history, and it is happening right now, not in 5 or 10 years or the next Century. We all have an opportunity to change our collective mindset, and put Nature higher up our social agenda. We can often feel daunted by the scale of the crisis, and think that individually we have no power, yet it is our small personal acts of respect, reverence and sensitivity that start to create a wave of change, and reverse the tide of destruction and desecration. We want to connect people up, so that they don’t feel isolated, but a part of a growing community who share these complex social, political and moral dilemmas, whilst also witnessing a degradation in human health and well being. It’s important that we remain positive, don’t beat ourselves up, and have fun whilst raising awareness and changing habits.

Who is this course for?

This is the course for you if you feel that you have always had this strong connection to the Natural world since early childhood, or that it is something that has come to you more recently as a strong draw in your life, a yearning and curiosity for what Nature is about. In each case you feel strongly that you want to share this enthusiasm with others and learn more about yourself too. This course will invite you to get closer to the feral aspects of yourself and challenge some of the meta-narratives of social conditioning. By realising our deep, intimate and inextricable interdependence with Nature, we understand how our own health and the health of the planet are linked together, and then we take different action, to protect, nurture and revere.

This course may challenge you if you do not seek this stronger reciprocal connection to Nature and self, or you are just looking to exploit a current trend. We do welcome applications from people from all walks of life, and backgrounds, and it is the amazing diversity of students’ experiences that make each course so rich and rewarding.

Please read through all of the new course changes before you book your place, and please contact us if you have any further questions.

Wishing you a vibrant and mindful life,

Stefan and the team.

Nature &Therapy UK International Forest Therapy Guide Diploma

This Internationally Certificated CPD course is for:

Professional Individuals and organisations with an interest in exploring the healing properties of the Forest, and the exciting new science of Shinrin Yoku.

This course is in 3 parts and is designed for those who wish to guide others in the woods, and help people to discover their own connection, and meaning in Nature, underpinned by an understanding of the science behind the healing.

This is how it works


SY Basic course

A 3 day training non residential  (apart from Croatia course) based in South Devon or Northern England venues. This leads to an internally generated certificate which will enable you to start leading walks and get insurance, under our guidance. The cost of the course covers:

  • New Guide Manual
  •  Mentoring process 
  • Membership of the online community.

Praxis and Mentoring

  • Included in Basic course fee
  • Minimum 6 months, Maximum 3 years to complete
  • Allocated Mentor regular phone/skype/visit contacts through your Praxis period.
  • lead a minimum of 6 recorded walks incl. one 1 to 1 walk.
  • Complete other reflective exercises.
  • Peer and 1 to 1 supervision
  • Leads to Advanced course

Deeper into the woods

Advanced training course #1

3 Day residential course deepening our understanding of the therapeutic benefits and modalities of SY work: forest immersion, night walks, campfire stories, sensory exercises and creative approaches to metaphor and symbol recognition.                  Short practical assessment leading to the award of:

International Forest Therapy Guide  Diploma.

Benefits of the new course

  • Greater support for students through Supervision.
  • Our new online community and resources pages
  • Reduced rate Insurance
  • Connection to local practitioners
  • Referrals
  • More time for each training to network, reflect and ask questions about your specific projects.

3 Day Basic Course Content:

The course is divided into modules that overlap covering –

  • History of Shinrin Yoku
  • Science and Research
  • Philosophy and Ethics – Shinto, Tao, Christian, Pagan.
  • Language and Poetry
  • How to manage and Lead walks in Nature
  • What constitutes a good SY walk venue
  • Risk assessment and practice
  • Therapeutic benefits of Nature, and limitations
  • Psychology of Nature Immersion
  • Our Spiritual selves and Nature
  • Reciprocity and completing circles
  • Tree lore and tree attunement.
  • Sensory attunement exercises
  • Insurance, permissions, First Aid
  • Site selection and walk planning
  • Tree Essentail Oils, benefits of Spa treatments


Each day we will

  • visit 2 contrasting areas of woodland,
  • engage with sensory exercises, &
  • experiential practices, which we will then unpack and learn how to – 
  • evoke the magic of Nature,
  • help others to rediscover their connection to inner and outer selves,
  • develop our own personal style of leadership
  • lead a short section of a walk
  • Tea ceremony
  • Q & A time
  • Lunch by the River
  • Walking in the woods ( barefoot optional)
  • cover a range of themes relating to group management, and how to construct a great Shinrin Yoku walk in your area.
  • Short led walk assessment

As a Psychotherapist, Stefan finds collaborating with Nature so much more heart centred, and therefore more effective and dynamic at Somatic connection, release, change and deep realisation, and renewed vigour.

The way that Nature seems to mirror our concerns and answers our questions, or teaches us lessons we don’t want to learn is all part of the magic and mystery of this beautiful wild journey.

Stefan is offering individual  Shinrin Yoku and Nature Therapy  sessions outdoors.

Feel the presence of Nature as a powerful healer.

In locations all over South Devon from the woods, the open moor or  by beautiful Devon coastline. Please contact Stefan to discuss details, prices and meeting.

Escape the confinement of your office, join us in the immersion of the Forest.

Experience nature’s ability to de-stress.

We offer bespoke, deep, calming, insightful and fun away days for groups and teams

Embrace the unknown

Learn more about yourself

Bring life into sharp focus, learn about where your edge is,

where your heart beats, and how to connect with that

‘wild and dangerously free’ self that John O’Donnahue alludes to.

Stefan is a qualified Life Coach and loves the metaphors that

Nature throws up in this growth process.

Please contact Stefan for prices and further details

Contact Stefan on

01364 652162

for more details on any of

these courses or services.