Our Mission is simple:

To support as many people as possible to fall back in love with Nature; to protect, respect and revere and to understand our place ‘in the family of things’.

To promote Nature-based therapies at every level of society.

To engage with individuals and organisations to promote Nature as our true Spiritual path.

Our History

Nature & Therapy

Nature & Therapy UK was formed in 2017 by Ecotherapist Stefan Batorijs in response to a growing demand for an understanding to our spiritual and psycho-biological connections to Nature.

The evidence from Japanese research demonstrated the benefits of Shinrin-yoku, from a largely scientific approach and it has been important to integrate our spiritual and intuitive connections to build a holistic and relational model of well-being.

About Us
“A holistic wisdom-based approach to health in collaboration with Nature, not above Nature”
Stefan Batorijs

Our Values

  • Consider all humanity as part of Nature and an intrinsic aspect of planetary evolution.
  • To care for, love, and respect all beings and accommodate the needs, values, and perspectives that make our Biosphere rich, diverse, and creative.
  • To efficiently reduce our carbon footprint, waste, and non-sustainable resource use.
  • To find solutions to reduce our environmental impact, increase connection, care, and understanding of natural systems and individual components to achieve cycles of sustainable life with zero pollution.
  • To improve lives through listening, understanding, compassion and education.
  • We all share a common ancestry within Nature and that our primary relationship with Nature has a spiritual basis.
  • Working together for people and planet—we will regularly assess our practises and consult with students, partners, and stakeholders to improve best practise.

Our Strategic Aims

  • Building a reputation as a centre of excellence for the dissemination of ideas and leading research into how Nature benefits human health, and ways to mitigate our impact on climate change and extinction events.
  • Challenging discrimination and stigma associated with access to Nature and amateur contributions to our collective understanding of life.
  • Championing Nature at a strategic and National level - giving Nature a voice where it matters most, and challenging outdated assumptions and discrimination against Nature.
  • Create an efficient, thriving, inclusive and forward looking environment based on inclusion and well being.
  • Contribute to global research and promotion of the benefits of Nature and the reciprocal relationship at the heart of all we do.
  • To engage in dialogue with local, regional and National organisations to discuss, educate and promote Nature based recovery methods that influence future land and people management policies.