Nature Based Interventions

We can offer a range of 1:1 Nature-based interventions, each with a subtly different focus

Shinrin-yoku (Forest Bathing)

Shinrin-yoku translates from the Japanese as forest bath or forest shower. What that means is a complete full-being immersion in the nurturing qualities of the forest and the trees. Taking time to relax, surrender, de-armour ourselves and be held by the forest is an unforgettable experience that leaves us feeling softer, clearer, sharper and more grounded. The physiological and psychological benefits have been well researched.
What to expect
A typical 2hr session would engage and rewild the senses, slow everything down from walking pace to heart rate to neural activity.

When we slow down, switch on our senses, breathe in the forest air and allow space to just ‘be’ we enter into a peaceful and relaxed state of awareness.

This is our default state, and our worries and pre-occupations simply dissolve away, replaced by a new found feeling of awe and connection with Nature without the illusion of separation.

Being guided through the magic of the forest leaves us free to let go of our burden of responsibilities, and step into playful curiosity.


A 2-hr forest bathing session with Stefan can be arranged either in Devon or other locations. Sessions are available with individuals, couples, families, or groups.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  To discuss this work and your individual requirements please book a 15 minute discovery call with Stefan by pressing Enquire now below. 


Wild Coaching

1:1 personal and professional coaching sessions in Nature.

The process of coaching is about understanding where we are now, where we would like to be and then identifying the steps to take to get there on the journey. A process that is perfectly mirrored in the natural world.

The focus for Wild Coaching sessions shifts slightly to engaging directly with the learning from Natures’ evolved ways of competing, cooperating and harmonising interactions within a complex ecological network. Systems theory supports the concept of interconnected webs of communication and transaction.

Nature offers coaching so many juicy metaphors, examples, and analogies that reflect back our own struggles and journeys, succinctly demonstrating these organic evolutionary processes.

We can utilise these analogies within our wild coaching models to learn how to overcome obstacles, find tenacity, determination and breakthrough. Biomimicry is a powerful way of modelling Nature’s successes.

We meet initially in a room to discuss the needs of the client and the boundaries of the contract.

We ask clients to commit to a minimum of 6 1:1 sessions.

Stefan holds an NVQ 4 in Coaching Guidance, alongside other coaching qualifications and experience.


Taking therapy outdoors is not for everyone, but I have consistently found the process to be so accurate, powerful, and holistic in its active mechanisms. Nature as co-therapist offers such a diverse spectrum of possible interventions and encounters and takes the process away from the thinking brain of the therapist and into a Universal field of consciousness as Nature uncannily reflects back to us what we are needing in that moment.

There are many different definitions to ecotherapy, Nature therapy etc, but essentially we are working as part of a triad between client or participant, Nature and facilitator or therapist. We are in effect asking Nature to become an active player in this growth process. Nature of course has been doing growth processes for quite a long time, so we are in safe hands.

As a Psychotherapist I have always chosen to work in Nature and its’ capacity for enhancing somatic expression and movement lend themselves to this dynamic relationship.

What to expect
A 2 hr session typically involves meeting at a pre-determined and agreed venue and walking (not essential) out into a wild area and seeing what arises as being consequential and pertinent to the clients’ ongoing personal journey, the illumination of concealed truths and the healing and transformation of old wounds and patterns that have caused pain and suffering. Nature brings opportunities for resolution and a shift in perspectives through an alchemical process that defies definition with language, but is incredibly effective yet gentle, humorous and expansive.

By becoming aware of the language of Nature, it’s signs, symbols and imaginal realms, we can explore the deeper insights that these encounters affords us. This in turn may generate increased creativity and new directions.

I ask clients to commit to a minimum of 6 x 2hr fortnightly sessions initially, venues tbc but on Dartmoor and South Devon or other locations.

For the first session we meet initially in a room to discuss the needs of the client and to develop trust and rapport.

Please contact the office for an informal chat if you think you may be interested in this work.

I ask clients to commit to a minimum of 6 x 2hr fortnightly sessions initially, venues tbc but typically on Dartmoor and South Devon locations. Other locations possible.

Please contact the office for an informal chat if you think you may be interested in this work.