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The language of nature and a cathedral made of trees


We are kicking off this series with a thought-providing conversation with Stefan from Nature and Therapy UK, where he combines a mixture of ancient wisdom with modern science to help people navigate their lives more effectively.
Stefan and I talk about the language of trees, how sometimes they give us the words we can’t find for ourselves and how nature reflects our own inner landscape far more than we realise. This interview was one of the many we used for series 3, but like so many experts I spoke to, I felt you should hear everything Stefan had to say.

Peace & Wild Things Podcasts

Cultural Perception of nature…

and how this impacts on our environment

Notes of Nature | episode #10 | with Stefan Batorijs.

Today we chat about cultural perception of nature and how this impacts on our environment.
We also talk about the training that Stefan offers and some of the projects he is involved in.

Peace & Wild Things Podcasts

Shinrin Yoku & Ecotherapy

The OCD Stories | episode 257 | with Stefan Batorijs.

In this episode I chat with Stefan about why he became a therapist specifically doing ecotherapy, his relationship with nature, what is Shinrin Yoku, the benefits of being in nature and practicing Shinrin Yoku, Stefan shares some examples of working therapeutically with individuals in nature, why Shinrin Yoku and ecotherapy can be deep serious work, being prepared when going out in nature, appreciating nature close to home, start small and build up, anxiety and the woods, nature as a restorative environment, advice for people in cities, what Stefan wants you to know about nature, and much much more.

Peace & Wild Things Podcasts

Forest Bathing with Stefan Batorijs

Roots and All Podcast Episode 26 – Forest Bathing with Stefan Batorijs of Nature and Therapy UK

Forest Bathing, or Shinrin Yoku, is the practice of immersing yourself in nature as therapy. It’s the perfect antidote for those who feel disconnected from the land and unattached from nature, which is increasingly likely to happen in a world where 55% of us live in urban areas.

In this episode, I speak to Stefan Batorijs who founded Nature and Therapy UK in 2017, as a response to a growing need to foster a spiritual and psychological connection to the land. If you’ve always wondered what Forest Bathing, or Shinrin Yoku, entails, this is the episode for you!

What We Cover:

  • Stefan’s personal journey through nature and into Shinrin Yoku
  • What Shinrin Yoku entails
  • The evidence behind why Shinrin Yoku works
  • An excercise from a typical session of Forest Bathing