A Masterclass with Jarod Anderson: “Finding the Poetry in…


December 13


07:00 pm - 08:00 pm

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Nature and Therapy

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A Masterclass on “Finding the Poetry in Internal and External Landscapes.” with Jarod Anderson

Join us for our December Masterclass with writer and poet Jarod K. Anderson who will discuss finding beauty and meaning in nature, both without and within, the forests we visit and the ones we encounter inside our own skulls.

Jarod will explore his poetry and worldview through the lenses of his enduring love of nature and his lifelong struggle with chronic depression, mapping pathways for synthesizing meaning and awe even amidst struggle and doubt.

Writer, Poet, and podcaster Jarod K. Anderson (creator of The CryptoNaturalist Podcast) has built a large audience of social media followers and podcast listeners with his strange, vibrant appreciations of nature. Ranging from optimistic contemplations of mortality to appreciations of single-celled organisms, Jarod is forever writing love letters to the natural world. His bestselling poetry collections Field Guide to the Haunted Forest and Love Notes from the Hollow Tree explore mental health struggles, magic hidden in plain sight, and the odd, wondrous experience of living in our amazing universe.