Seeing as Meditation and how that distracting smartphone might help – Duncan Moss

From our Masterclass Archive. Stefan speaks to Duncan Moss.

To befriend what is there, the everyday occurrence, which is real, obvious and constant Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche
The day, the living day, the actual moment, the pang of real life
Alfred Kazdin

Duncan shares his experience of ‘Miksang’: a Contemplative Art Practice, where we orientate our meditative awareness to the fleeting perceptual world. While we may record what we witness as a photo image, this is not primarily about photography, but about gently and persistently allowing ourselves to keep ‘seeing’, even in the most unlikely situations.

Duncan has a long standing interest in meditation, and has been a student in the Tibetan Tradition for many years. He was introduced to ‘Miksang’ about 15 years ago and as a non-photographer (at that point) I was confused and intrigued by the possibilities of contemplative perception. He has continued to explore this approach and has found that with persistence and patience it has helped him keep ’seeing’, even in the midst of boring or ‘ugly’ places, and as an anchor in the churning daily flow of his own preoccupied and distracted mind.

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